Plate Compactor



Model YP120
Plate Size (mm) 555 X 535
Vibrating Frequency (vpm) 6100
Centrifugal Force (kgf) 2100
Power (HP) 5
4 stroke gasoline
Weight (kg) 110


• The series comprises from SRP60 single plate base compactor to YP120 box type base compactor, providing a wide range of products to meet customer needs.
• Wear-resistant compaction steel base provides long lasting durability and better compaction finish.
• Durable rotor assembly and clutch pulley assembly saves maintenance cost.
• Heavy duty rubber mountings and rubber absorbers made from natural rubber limits vibration towards handle to better protect engine and operator.
• Strong steel belt cover to prevent dirt out of the belt and higher safety.

Note: Custom made machine to couple with Diesel engine is available.